Softball Wild Throw Drill to Practice The Recovery

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How often do we have the team practice errors.  Throwing errors are the most common and what loses softball games.  This Softball wild throw drill give your team the opportunity to react and respond to a wild throw with runners on base.  The most common reaction is panic and a lot of throwing the ball around trying to catch the runners that got away because of the throw.  Use mental training skills to have the team calmly respond to the error in a productive way that stops the runners.

Softball Wild Throw Drill

The Coach sets up a situation that forces a wild throw to a lead base. Fielders and runners are used in this drill. Give the players the number of outs to help increase concentration and awareness of whether to get the lead runner out first or just get an out to end an inning.  Have players in their defensive positions so that they have to cover and back up correctly.  Make sure that runners wear helmets.

Here is an example – Runners on 1st and 2nd with one out.  The coach says go and makes a wild throw to third base forcing the defense to try and get the lead runner out for the second out of the inning, or make a decision to at least get the next runner out. Stress making smart decisions depending on the number of out and the score.

You can set up any situation that you want to work on.  Be sure to discuss the possibilities and everyone’s responsibility on a wild throw and make sure that everyone understands.  Discuss the result of the play.  If it is great, let them know, if it doesn’t work so well, let the team tell you what happened and what needs to be done differently on the next round.  Make sure that all players play the positions that they would play in a game so that they get practice with it.

Softball Wild Throw Drill