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Softball Team Defense

Softball Defensive Signals

Softball defensive signals are a tool that many teams are not familiar with or that teams think are too advanced to take advantage of.  The truth is that defensive signals can be just as useful [Read More]

softball throwing mechanics
Softball Throwing

Softball Throwing Mechanics

Softball skills can be very complicated. For new athletes who are learning skills there can be so much information that it can be overwhelming. I put this softball throwing mechanics checklist together and found them [Read More]

Softball Throwing Biomechanics
Softball Throwing

Softball Throwing Biomechanics

Throwing is one of the most important skills in softball.  If you can consider the softball throwing biomechanics, you will have a good understanding of the mechanics for teaching and error detection and correction purposes. [Read More]

Softball Throwing Accuracy
Softball Throwing

Softball Throwing Accuracy Issues

A majority of throws in softball are overhand, and the distance from the thrower to the target will often determine the softball throwing accuracy.  What throwers need to keep in mind though, is that the [Read More]

Softball Sidearm Throw - Basic Softball Pitching Warm Up
Softball Infield Throws

Softball Sidearm Throw

The softball sidearm throw is one that occurs not only as a natural throwing form, but also as an intentional way to get rid of the ball quickly.  Many softball players who have been playing [Read More]

Softball Relay throw
Softball Throwing

Softball Relay Throw

The quickest way to get a ball in from the fence or from a location that is farther than one quick throw is a softball relay throw.  This throw makes it easier to get the [Read More]

softball positions
Softball Team Defense

Softball Positions

When we think of softball positions, the first positions that often come to mind is the pitcher and catcher.  That of course is because many believe that these two positions are the most important on [Read More]