who sets the goals
Softball Goal Setting

Who Sets Softball Goals for Players

Lets about softball  Goal setting and who sets softball goals, who monitors them and who actually achieves them or strives to achieve them. Most of us are familiar with goal setting.  We and our softball players [Read More]

When the going Gets Tough
Softball Emotional Control

When the going Gets Tough in Softball

What happens when a solid team meets diversity or when softball gets tough?  Its amazing.  Either they will crumble or persevere to the end of the game.  How can you make your team into the [Read More]

visualization for softball
Softball Visualization

Visualization for Softball and Other Sports

We visualize more than we know. Visualization for softball can be used for skill development, relaxation, focusing, concentrating, regaining or maintaining composure. There are five types of effective visualization. Experiment with all of them and [Read More]

Softball team building activities
Softball Team Building Activities

Softball Team Building Activities

Softball team building activities are hard to find.  Being a team sport, and being that each player is so reliant on each other in their play execution, it is almost as important as the ability [Read More]

self talk for softball
Softball Self-Talk

Self Talk for Softball

Are you aware of how you talk to yourself during competition and training? Are you aware of how you talk to yourself in your daily life? Self talk is something I bet you actually do [Read More]

softball relaxation
Softball Emotional Control

Softball Relaxation

Softball relaxation skills can be just taking a deep breath, and letting all of the air in your lungs out while consciously feeling your shoulders relax as you tell yourself its aaaaaaaaall goooood. Keeping things [Read More]