Softball Mental Training Strategies
Performance Enhancement

Performance Enhancement

The focus for softball players as they grow through the game, generally moves from the skills and environment of the game (external) to the psychology of the game (internal). With this concept, I will discuss [Read More]

Power of Coaching Softball, softball coaching
Softball Tips

Softball Coaching

Softball coaching can be intimidating especially if you have not been a coach before.  Some softball coaches have not even played the game before.  This is not a bad thing.  The good thing about it [Read More]

Softball Goal Setting, weekly goal
Mental Preparation

Weekly Goal

Goal setting for softball begins when the players are first on the field. At least is should begin then. They might not be old enough to consciously plan out a strategy that will take them [Read More]

softball batters box dimensions
The Softball Game

Softball Field Dimensions

The softball field dimensions are one of the most confusing parts of the game.  Especially for the parents or coaches who are setting up the field.  Most teams do not have an association or a [Read More]

Shortstop Double Play
Softball Shortstop

Shortstop Double Play

Any time the ball is fielded with runners on base, the first goal is to get the lead runner.  The Shortstop Double Play play at second is the most common double play because of how [Read More]

Softball Throwing Towel Drill - softball drills
Softball Fielding Drills

OUT Throwing Drill

This OUT throwing drill is used to have everyone participate in fielding, catching and throwing with a little competition added. OUT Throwing Drill Have everyone spread out evenly into a deep infield position. Place two [Read More]

Softball Practice Organization, softball parents
Softball Parents

Softball Parents

Softball parents play a crucial role in their child’s softball journey. From attending softball tournaments, to providing support and guidance, you have an undeniable impact when it comes to how your child will experience the [Read More]

Softball Backhand Flip, finding a softball team
The Game

Finding A Softball Team

Do you know someone who is looking to join a softball team?  For most new players, Softball is a great way to get together with friends, stay active, and have fun. Whether you are a [Read More]

Taking A Softball Break - Taking Softball Risks - the white board - Softball Hitting Coaches - softball academy podcast, Preparing for Softball Tournaments, Dealing With Errors
Softball Hitting

Softball Hitting Methods

Softball Hitting Methods Today I am going to talk about the many ways to hit and the pitfalls that can come with finding the right one.  Hitting is a skill that has gone through many [Read More]

Softball Preparation Phase, Softball Tapering Types
Softball Periodization

Softball Tapering Types

There are 2 types of taper used to make sure that the team performs their best for specific competitions.  Not all tyes are Softball Tapering Types however.  They are a progressive taper, which is mostly [Read More]