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Softball Catcher

Catcher Responsibilities

Many young players want to be the catcher because along with the pitcher, they touch the ball the most during a game.  This is a good thing that can be an issue because not all [Read More]

individual pitcher responsibilities
Softball Pitcher

Individual Pitcher Responsibilities

Pitchers come in many sizes and have many levels of ability.  Some need to focus on the task at hand and pitch only.  Others can handle a variety of duties including fielding and even calling [Read More]

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Softball Fly Ball Fielding

Short Fly Balls

The short fly ball is sometimes one of the hardest ones to judge for outfielder and infielders but for different reasons.  It can be over run easily by outfielders and there can be a lot [Read More]

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Softball Fielding

Softball Fielding

Softball fielding is something that most coaches spend a lot of time on during practices and pre game warm ups.  The great thing is that players can practice fielding on their own with a tennis [Read More]

building team cohesion
Softball Coaching Tools

Building Team Cohesion

Building team cohesion is one of the tasks that can mystify us as coaches.  Cohesion is something that we know is important to team success, but sometimes we are not sure how to create and [Read More]

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Softball Baserunning

Sliding Analysis

Sliding is one of those skills where the success is dependent on the players confidence and experience with success. Sliding Analysis Considerations When evaluating sliding, the best way to determine the success as with other [Read More]

Softball Throwing Towel Drill - softball drills
Softball Defense Drills

Softball Pickoff Drill

The pickoff is a play that needs to be practiced regularly.  The defense needs to have the signals down and the baserunners need be able to read the coaches signals and avoid getting tagged out.  [Read More]

softball throwing
Softball Throwing

Softball Throwing

Softball throwing is the most widely used skill in the game.  It is also the skill that allows the most runs by errors and relies on good execution from both parts of the play.  The [Read More]

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Softball Practice Planning

Softball Drills

Softball drills are critical to player development in our great sport.    We do need to however make sure that they are appropriate for the age and skill level of the players.  It is always [Read More]

Softball Throwing Towel Drill - softball drills
Softball Ground Ball Drills

Ground Ball Approach Drill

The first thing to think about in the ground ball approach drill is what happens before the ball is hit.  It is important for fielders to be ready.  This doesn’t simply mean watching the ball.  [Read More]