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The Softball Game

The Softball Signal Game

How many teams let their players play the game?  I have watched games on TV and been to games where I have seen on every pitch the catcher looks to the dugout for a signal [Read More]

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Softball Podcasts

Softball Signals

Softball Signals On this episode, I am going to talk about signals in softball.  We are all familiar with offensive signals but I am going to explore the defensive ones as well. Signals are essentially [Read More]

Softball Coaching Tools

Softball Player Offensive Scouting Sheet

This was an awesome softball tool for scouting opposing players on the teams offense I saw more than once.  I filled the softball player offensive scouting sheet out for each game for each player for the entire season. [Read More]

Basic Offensive Strategy and Tactics in Softball
Softball Team Offense

Basic Offensive Strategy and Tactics in Softball

Team offense / the softball game You need to score runs to win softball games.  What many believe is that a good defense is a good offense.  By limiting runs by opponents, you need less [Read More]