Softball Player Offensive Scouting Sheet

This was an awesome softball tool for scouting opposing players on the teams offense I saw more than once.  I filled the softball player offensive scouting sheet out for each game for each player for the entire season.  At the end of the year I had a binder which had all the teams in it so that when we played them I could just pull out the team and organize them according to their line up and away I would go.

Of course there are numerous computer and phone apps that you can use, but I found this to be the simplest and most visual tool.  Easy to do and not complicated at all.

I used a different color ink for each of my pitchers so I knew what the batter would do in front of them. There are awesome pens for that with 4 colors on them.

I loved it and when we used it at the end of the season we surprised a lot of teams.

The numbers are the number of at bats against that specific team.

Softball Player Offensive Scouting Sheet

Player Scouting Sheet