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Softball Fielding

Softball Fielding

Softball fielding is something that most coaches spend a lot of time on during practices and pre game warm ups.  The great thing is that players can practice fielding on their own with a tennis [Read More]

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Softball Team Defense

Softball Defensive Signals

Softball defensive signals are a tool that many teams are not familiar with or that teams think are too advanced to take advantage of.  The truth is that defensive signals can be just as useful [Read More]

softball positions
Softball Team Defense

Softball Positions

When we think of softball positions, the first positions that often come to mind is the pitcher and catcher.  That of course is because many believe that these two positions are the most important on [Read More]

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Softball Team Defense

Softball Position Backup

I have always said that softball is not a spectator sport because softball position backup is everyone’s job.  There is always something to do every single time the ball is hit or every time the [Read More]

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Outfield Play

Softball Outfielder as an Infielder

Softball Outfielder as an Infielder Today we are going to talk about a secret weapon that most teams don’t know they have.  A strategy that is so simple that you might even wonder why everyone [Read More]

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Softball Podcasts

Keeping The Softball Lead

Keeping The Softball Lead This topic is from Kelley Mills of MD Md. She asks, What do you do when you have a lead to keep that lead instead of losing it and then losing [Read More]

Help Your Softball Game
Softball Team Defense

Help Your Softball Game

There are two things I have seen the most in this game which includes the NCAA Softball College World Series that did not have to happen.  Things that I have always worked on with my players [Read More]

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Softball Infield Defense

First And Third Softball Steal Defense

The double steal situation, or first and third softball steal defense options are particularly challenging because of the variety of options available to both the offense and the defense.  The success of the defense in executing [Read More]

Taking A Softball Break - Taking Softball Risks - the white board - Softball Hitting Coaches - softball academy podcast
Softball Baserunning

The Softball Rundown

The Softball Rundown On this episode I’m going to talk about the rundown, also known as the pickle.  Something that every team experiences and few teams have constant success with.   Running the runner back and [Read More]