center field
Softball Center Field

Center Field on a Batted Ball Situation

What do you do if you are playing softball center field on a batted ball.  There are as many softball situations as there are things to do.  By having an idea before it actually happens, you [Read More]

softball right field
Softball Right Field

Right Fielder on a Batted Ball

Softball Right fielder on a batted ball goes through every potential softball play and what do to for right field.  As you will see it depends on the score and the number of outs and [Read More]

softball right field
Outfield Play

Softball Right Field Handout

Right field is a critical position in this game.  This softball right field handout can be helpful for players and coaches.  We often hear coaches talk about putting players in right field because maybe they [Read More]

softball outfielder as an infielder
Outfield Play

Softball Outfielder as an Infielder

Softball Outfielder as an Infielder Today we are going to talk about a secret weapon that most teams don’t know they have.  A strategy that is so simple that you might even wonder why everyone [Read More]

Softball outfield tips
Outfield Play

Softball Outfield Tips

Playing outfield begins as soon as the outfielder arrives to the field.  Here are some softball outfield tips for all outfielders.  Before she even warms up, it is a good idea to check to see [Read More]

Softball Throwing Towel Drill - softball drills
Outfield Play

Softball Outfield Play Handout

The Softball outfield play handout is a download that you can print or email to your players on the team that are the last line of defense.  It includes basic and easy to understand information [Read More]

Softball Throwing Towel Drill - softball drills
Outfield Play

Softball Outfield Drills

Softball Outfield Drills are some of the most difficult drills to find.  As you get familiar with the game and use your imagination, you will be able to design your own outfield drills. Softball Outfield [Read More]

softball long fly ball
Outfield Play

Softball Long Fly Ball

In my opinion, the most important tool in catching a long fly ball is the ability to detect it.  This gives the player time to successfully react if done correctly.  Often the height and speed [Read More]

Softball Left Field

Softball Left Field Handout

In some cases softball left field will catch the most fly balls because most batters in the early stages are right handed hitters. The young players naturally pull the ball to the left side of the field [Read More]