Softball Left Field Handout

In some cases softball left field will catch the most fly balls because most batters in the early stages are right handed hitters. The young players naturally pull the ball to the left side of the field due to the slower pitching and the inability to place hit.  With some batters, an outfielder can even tell where they are going to hit right away by watching how they swing the bat across the plate.

Backing up third base is critical with a runner on base because a bunt for example will usually free up third and a runner on a set play can go all the way to third from first base because no one is there to cover. That is you. Make sure they don’t even think about it by being there all the time on a bunt.

You can also get outs on the infield if you charge the ground ball and assume the infield will miss it. If you get there from your left field position in time, you can get a force out at third or even second as well. Be aggressive and move on every hit. There is always somewhere to go or someone to back up.

Most of all, make sure you have fun out there. You and the rest of the outfield team are the last line of defense and it is kind of a fun place to go after every ball making sure it does not get past you.

Softball Left Field Duties

Backing up the Center Fielder

  • if the ball is hit to the center field, you need to get over to help her in case the ball gets past her so that it can back to the infield as soon as possible
  • as soon as the ball is hit to the outfield, you need to run in that direction right away so that you are there in case she needs you

Backing up third base

  • if the ball is hit to the right side with a runner on first base, you need to be ready to back up third base in case there is a throw
  • run to the foul side of third base so you are  ready in case the ball gets past her so you can
    stop it from going any further
  • You also need to backup third base if the catcher throws for a pick off or steal attempt

Backing up second base

  • if there are no runners on base and the ball is hit to the right side of the field, you need to be ready to back up second base in case they throw the ball there
  • move to a spot in line with the person who is receiving the throw and the thrower

Fielding the ball

  • you need to be ready if the ball gets past the short stop or third base player so that you can get it right away (assume they will miss it to get the best jump on the ball)
  • you can get an out at second or third base if you are quick to the ball
  • you are an extra infielder
  • if there is a fly ball, and you can catch it, let the infielder know by calling your name out
    loud so they do not have to try to move backwards to get it
  • you are the last line of defense so your position is critical