STOP Theres A Softball Game

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Do you ever drive past a park where you think STOP theres a softball game being played and find that you just want to stop and watch. You don’t know who is playing or the importance of the game but it just draws you in.

I was driving past a park in a city I am visiting and of course what do I see…. a softball game being played by u16 teams. It was sooooooo hard not to say STOP!!! So of course what did I do? I looked at the the street signs and made a mental note of where the park was as I kept my eyes clued to the game as we drove by watching the next pitch.

I love this game.  I have spent years studying, coaching and watching softball as a coach and as a spectator. My first years were spent at the diamond watching elite players and their coaches to see what I was going to use in my toolbox as a rookie coach.  My passion was enormous.  Just being at the field when no one was there was a great feeling.

Now years later as a retired softball coach, I still enjoy watching the game and attending international tournaments and competitions  when they are in my area.  I watch the NCAA games on TV and have a subscription just for access to those games.  It is hard not to watch as a coach and tell the players to prioritize that fly ball (as if they can hear me).

Seeing the game being played for me is almost like seeing a family member that I enjoy spending time with. It doesn’t matter who is playing , where it is or if it is a league or tournament game. I just simply love it. I just want to stop on the side of the road and watch for a while.

Have you had this experience??