Softball Hitting Defense Drill

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Finding ways to incorporate all skills in a fun game indoors can be a tough task.  This softball hitting defense drill is great not only because of the skills involved but also because of the echo that you usually get in a gym.

Softball Hitting Defense Drill

Needs: 2 teams, a bucket of incrediballs, bat and a plate.

One team is on Defense past half court line and the other team (Offence) is at bat.

The coach pitches from the half court line.


  • The defense is scattered past the half court line
  • If the ball hit the ceiling the batter is out
  • A catch or clean fielded grounder is out.
  • If a grounder hits the court before the half line the batter is out.
  • A swing and a miss is an out


  • Batters get unlimited amounts of consecutive points but can only have 1out.
  • If a player hits grounder through defense to the the back wall = 1 pt.
  • A Line drive to back wall = 3 pts.
  • A fly ball to the back wall = 1 pts.
  • If there are hoops a drive to the opposing backboard is a slam. The offence screams slam for 4 pts.
  • If a fielder BOBBLES a grounder or drops a fly ball, the opposing team screams bobble and earns 5 pts.

Once a team hits through the order the switch the offense and the defense.

Both teams must scream their score between each pitch, if a team forgets a score then they go back to 0 pts.  This is a good way for the players to remember the number of out and the count on the batter.  If you mention that to them then they may be able to transfer the skill to a game situation easier.

This drill is fun after the first day of learning the rules. It uses hitting, fielding, as well as communication and is very fast and competitive.

Softball Hitting Defense Drill