Softball Hitting Defensive Rounds Drill

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Want a drill that works your hitters, baserunners, and defensive players in a game-like situation with maximum efficiency? The Softball Hitting Defensive Rounds Drill accomplishes all of these things.  It allows everyone to get a chance to practice all aspect of the game.

You can divide the group into 3 for this drill. Two groups are on the field where you want them to be, and one is up to bat.  You can even figure out a scoring system so that each group is a team and they are competing with eachother.  Points would be gained while on the offense.

Softball Hitting Defensive Rounds Drill

Put players in defensive positions on the field. A coach pitches, or if possible, use a pitching machine. 3-4 players are the hitting/baserunning group. The defense plays the batters on every play as if in a game. Run three to five rounds per group. A sample would be:

  • Round 1 – runner on first hit and run.
  • Round 2 – Runner on first sac bunt
  • Round 3 – Runner on second with 2 outs
  • Round 4 – Runners on first and second hit away
  • Round 5 – Runner on third squeeze.

Hitters start with an 0-1 count always. This entire drill is done at GAME SPEED! Every pitch is a game-like situation. The hitting / baserunning group has tasks to accomplish on each pitch, and the defense must react accordingly to each hit ball and situation.

Drill Notes:

The hitting / baserunning group follows the same order.  For example, if the round called for runner on first sac bunt, players 1 and 2 would be at first base as the baserunners, and players 3 and 4 would be at the plate. After 3 bunts and 1 run, 2 would be the next runner and 4 would be the next hitter.

After the hitting / baserunning group finishes their rounds, they rotate into defense and a new group replaces them. You might have players out of position once-in-awhile to make it work, but that’s fine. Remember – make this as game-like as possible.

Softball Hitting Defensive Rounds Drill