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Softball Catcher

Catcher Responsibilities

Many young players want to be the catcher because along with the pitcher, they touch the ball the most during a game.  This is a good thing that can be an issue because not all [Read More]

individual pitcher responsibilities
Softball Pitcher

Individual Pitcher Responsibilities

Pitchers come in many sizes and have many levels of ability.  Some need to focus on the task at hand and pitch only.  Others can handle a variety of duties including fielding and even calling [Read More]

the softball zone, third base characteristics
Softball Third Base

Third Base Characteristics

The third base characteristics include quickness, the ability to knock down a ball and a good range around the base.  The area doesn’t seem large, but it’s a long throw to first base so this [Read More]

Softball Second Base

Second Base on a Batted Ball Handout

How do you play softball second base on a batted ball?  There are as many situations as there are things to do.  By having an idea before it actually happens, players will not be frozen when [Read More]

Softball Third Base
Softball Third Base

Third Base Position Handout

The third base position handout is a great resource for new players and for a review for more experienced ones.  This position is also known as the “hot corner” It is important for you to [Read More]