Softball Underhand Toss Drill for Defense

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This softball underhand toss drill is great for practicing those underhand tosses that need to be made when the players are close to each other such as a second base player tossing to first or a shortstop tossing to second base.

It’s also great for practicing picking up a stationary ball with the hand over the ball instead of trying to pick up the ball from underneath which can create difficulties in the transition to throwing the ball.

Softball Underhand Toss Drill

The player has the ball on the ground in front of them.  They pick up the ball bare handed and underhand toss it to the player in font of them or to the side of them in the circle.  The receiving player must have their glove facing the tosser in preparation for the toss.  Then the tosser picks up the ball and tosses it underhand without flicking their wrist.  This is how the ball ends up going over the receiver instead of to the receiver.

After a few minutes, turn and go the other way.  It is also a great set up for the side toss in which the player uses their index finger and thumb to direct the ball to the side to the receiver.

You can add another group and make it into a relay where each group needs to get the ball around the circle first.  You can even make them pass the ball one way and then the other.

You could also use a stopwatch to see how long it takes to get the ball around the circle.   When they are under stress they will try to rush the ball and are more likely to make errors if they are not using their mental training skills.

Make it fun and they will bring those skills into the game.

Softball Underhand Toss Drill