Third Base Position Handout

Softball Third Base

The third base position handout is a great resource for new players and for a review for more experienced ones.  This position is also known as the “hot corner” It is important for you to be focused and ready for anything. The ball generally comes faster as it is hit on the dominant side for right handed hitters. For left handed hitters the ball will not be hit as hard and will likely be hit more to the right side of the field.

Third Base Position Handout Notes


Bunt coverage at the third base position is where communication is important if you do not already have a set procedure with your team. You are in the best position to make the throw to first base on a bunt so if it is closer to you be sure to get that ball and make the play.

You are also in a better visibility position to field fly balls that are short on your side. Many times the catcher will come out to catch it but make sure she/he knows that you have the play because you are actually facing the ball.

Accepting Throws

When the ball is hit, if it is not to you, go to third base and get ready for a throw from whoever fields the ball if there
are runners on first and second base.

Make sure you are facing the player who is going to throw the ball.

As your teammate throws the ball, try to tell if it is going to be to you or if you are going to have to move away from the base to stop it from going past you.

Cutting of the throw

  • if the ball is coming from the outfield and a runner has passed third base and is going home, line up with home plate and the person throwing the ball in to give her a line to throw on.
  • if someone says cut! catch the ball and either make the play on the back runner or hold it so that no more runners can advance
  • then give the ball to the pitcher

Fielding Balls

  • if a ground ball is hit where you can field it, make sure you field it right away but know where the runners are before you throw it
  • when you field the ball, turn and check to make sure someone is at the base that you want to throw to, so they can catch the ball
  • throw or toss the ball to that player