Softball First Base Position Handout

The softball first base position handout is perfect for a busy position where a majority of the fielded balls are thrown. You need to be a good at getting in position to catch the ball and give a good target to the thrower. If the ball is not going to be thrown right to you, you need to leave the base to get the ball because it is much more important to prevent the runner from advancing another base than keeping your foot on the base.

If you will not be making a play you need to stay clear of the base path and runner because if she touches you and you do not have the ball it will be obstruction and the runner will get another base if they are heading to 2nd or rounding first when they touch you.

Accepting Throws at First Base

when the ball is hit, if it is not to you, get to 1st base and get ready for a throw from whoever fields the ball, make sure you are facing the player who is going to throw the ball as she throws, try to tell if it is going to be to you or if you are going to have to move to stop it from going past you


  • if the ball is coming from the second base player or the right fielder, make sure your foot is on that side of the base so you can be square
  • if the ball is coming from the catcher or the pitcher or the 3rd base player, make sure your foot is on that side of the base to take the throw
  • if the throw is coming from the shortstop, make sure you are touching the corner of the base to take the throw

Fielding Balls

  • if a ground ball is hit where you can field it, make sure you field it right away
  • when you field the ball, turn and check to make sure someone is at 1st base to take the throw
  • throw or toss the ball to that player

Backing up Home Plate

  • if a runner is going to run to home plate to score, go behind the catcher in case the ball goes past her
  • stand 5 feet behind her facing the person who is throwing the ball
  • on a passed ball get to home plate if there is a runner at 3rd base so the catcher can toss you the ball to tag the runner if she tries to score