The New Way in Softball Returns

The New Way in Softball - playing fall ball - Mean Parents and Fans

If you want to have good fundamental softball skills, use good fundamental principles. Principles that are based on bio mechanics and science that has been studied in a laboratory with bio mechanic software and movement skills analysis. So often players go to a clinic or a hitting coach or a pitching coach (the 2 most utilized) and learn their “way” of executing the skill. The “way” could be based on scientific principles and it also might not. I urge you to make sure that you do your homework on the instructors methods before you begin working with them.

As tutors or instructors we all believe that our “way” is sound and will work for you. Of course we will. Our job is to get customers and to keep them so it is in our best interest to tell you that we know exactly what we are talking about. And we might. It is your task however though to make sure it is or at least do a little research and know that you are comfortable with their methods because you are the one who is the customer. There is nothing more difficult for a young softball player especially if they are learning new skills to have a coach telling them one thing and a hitting coach telling them something else. The best thing to do is to let your coach know you are seeing a hitting coach and what they are instructing you to do. A good coach will look at how the instructor is teaching you and to either find a way that they can work together or to explain to you with good information why you may be just as well off by remaining with your coach as your hitting instructor which is also of course less expensive :).

Certified Coaches are trained in technical skills and have as much if not more knowledge sometimes as a hitting instructor. Sometimes though athletes are sort of impatient with their progress and attempt to expedite the process which is of course good but I would recommend that you go to your coach first. When I had players seeing a hitting coach i said ok…. I will give you a certain amount of time for the “way” that you are learning and if you are still having difficulty I would like you to work with me.

This game is a complicated game with some complicated skills. The less complicated we make it the better…. have a good game!