Quick Focusing Strategies for Softball

Quick Focusing Strategies for Softball

Focusing during a game can be difficult.  Following are just a few quick focusing strategies for softball that can be sued when preparing for competition.  This might be a part of a pre game routine as players are mentally getting ready for the game and keeping their attention on the process.

Quick Focusing Strategies for Softball

Before the Warm-up

As players are preparing for the warm up, take a minute to think about the upcoming game and what the focus might be.  It may have been discussed at the previous practice or in a meeting with the team before betting on the field.

  • positions
    • coverage
    • fielding
    • communication
  • should plays
    • fielding
    • throwing
    • receiving the ball
  • fielding mechanics
    • fly balls
    • ground balls
    • backing up
  • watching the ball off the bat
    • the pitch
    • the connection
    • the direction of the ball
    • fielding it if it comes to you
  • hitting the ball
    • the ball leaving the pitchers hand
    • the contact point
    • looking to the first base coach
    • running hard right through first base if it is a single
    • rounding if it is extra bases
    • sliding on extra bases

What is the record with the opponents and the potential outcome of the game?  How will the team focus on the process of the game instead of being focused on the outcome or the end result.  What can the coaches do to help the team focus on the process?

How is the team going to deal with distractions before and during the game?

  • cue words
  • concentration
  • self talk
  • relaxation
  • visualization

Other Focusing Strategies

  • During the warm up only talk about ball
    • during the initial jog and stretch is a good time to talk about other things
    • when warmup turns to throwing, fielding and hitting focus on the game
  • talk to the coaches when having trouble focusing

During the game

  • players should stay in the dugout when not playing
    • keep stats
    • keep track of the outs and the innings
    • be prepared to go into the game
    • talk about the plays with others in the dugout
    • watch the game and visualize executing skills
  • if getting distracted, look at something on the field and try to get back into the game
  • use a cue word like “focus”
  • when on the field if the team is not focused – call a timeout or have a captain call a timeout and meet at the pitchers circle and do a focusing activity
  • talk to the coaches if having trouble focusing

The ability to focus is a useful tool not only for during games but also for practices and even off the field events.  Practice as often as possible and it will be second nature during competition when it is required the most.