Sample Letter to Softball Parents

Sample Letter to Softball Parents

Our first interactions and discussions with parents are very important in setting the tone for the season.  By establishing a team environment which includes them, you not only help them to feel a part of the team but also have a way to hold them accountable if you need to.  This can be done using this sample letter to softball parents.

Most coaches have a philosophy when it comes to parents and it is not always the same.  By establishing it early there will be no question when dealing with team and player issues and even parent issues if you need to at some point during the season.

You might add or take away information as you see fit for your specific situation.

Sample Letter to Softball Parents

To our parents

Hello all. This letter is a friendly reminder for everyone regarding the need for a clear, structured and positive environment for the team to excel in. We already know that your coaches will set a structured, and as professional an environment as we can with the odd deviation (ie: forget to get game balls for a home game). We expect that the players will conduct themselves with honor and pride while in their uniforms and we expect that they will come as prepared for games as they need to.

From the parents, we would like that you assist us in providing a positive environment, full of only good things and cheers for the players while they are on the field or up to bat, (not to worry, we’ll take care of the rest). We realize that we can not possibly want more for your athlete than you do, and we in no way want to challenge your desires for what is best. What we would like though, is for you to support our methods and procedures during the season that are planned in the best interest of your cherished children.  In order for us to execute our plan we need your support in a way that does not undermine our positions with the players, and so that the players see that everyone is a part of the team, the players, the parents and the coaches. I will also say again, that although it may not seem at times that we are actively “coaching” the players, we may not be.  We may be allowing them to learn through guided discovery in a given situation.

We will be working with our plan that we have set out for the season that is to be monitored and adjusted through the season as necessary.  We need to remember that we have just begun the season and we need to allow the process to take place and as “observers”, I would like you to have fun and be spectators and supporters.

If you have specific issues with any of our methods, I would invite you to see me directly and let me know you would like to talk, and we can talk at a time when we are not practicing or playing a game, we are both busy then and will not possibly be able to fully give you the undivided attention that is required.

Part of our mission statement as a team includes honesty, and I have no problem being open and honest with anyone regarding the players or our methods of coaching with regard to the game, I hope that you will feel the same way.

In closing, I ask you to please work with us in providing a positive, productive and successful environment that has our athletes development and long term success in mind. That being a great season with huge advances where the players, the parents and the coaches are able to be competitive, work hard as a “team” and have fun at the same time