Softball Throwing Towel Drill for Wrist Snap

Softball Throwing Towel Drill - softball drills

The snap of the wrist at the end of the throw and before the follow through is critical to getting the most velocity on the ball in getting it to the target.  This softball throwing towel drill will allow your players to actually see the amount of snap they are putting in their throw.

The snap also needs to be at the right position in relation to where the ball is going.  With the set up, the person with the towel needs to snap it at the right time in order for her to get the end of the towel to the target.  Positioning is important for this drill.  By the player with the towel and by her partner who is kneeling in front of her.

Softball Throwing Towel Drill


To Isolate throwing arm acceleration and deceleration action and teach proper throwing arm extension along with the release.  Outfielders need to extend their arms farther to facilitate distance on a throw and infielders need to be able to snap quickly on their throw to make a play on the infield.


The thrower works with a partner who kneels on one knee in front of the thrower. The distance away from the partner depends on if you are working on an outfielder throw or an infielder throw.  The only equipment required is a towel.


The thrower holds a small towel in her throwing hand.  She then stands in her throwing ready position with her upper body rotated and ready to throw.  The front foot is pointed to the target and the weight is on the back foot. From this position, on command, the thrower brings her throwing hand forward to throw, attempting to hit the palm of her partner with the end of the towel.

Adapted From:
The Baseball Drill Book
American Baseball Coaches Association