Softball Throwing Target Drill Competition

Softball Throwing Towel Drill - softball drills

The Softball throwing Target Drill is a fun way to focus on accuracy.  If we can give them as many opportunities as possible to throw at a specific target during practices, they will have more success during games when it really counts.  Try to incorporate mental skills into as many drills as possible so that players can experiment with strategies that work for them.

Softball Throwing Target Drill

Get a tin foil pie plate that makes lots of noise if you hit it.  Set it up by leaning it against the back of a chair at first base as the target.  If you have a net, put the nest behind the chair to stop any errant throws, otherwise put the chair near home. Have a coach hit ground balls to shortstop or other infield position and they throw it at the first base target.  They get a point if they hit the target but if they do not field the ball correctly, there is no point awarded.

You could also break the team into groups and they can play as a team and compete against the others to see who can get the most points.  Give them a certain number of throws such as one each for the group.  You can also have a player at all of the infield positions and then have each position throw from their spot.  I would not use a stop watch because there are too many uncontrollable variables when the coach is hitting the ball to the players.

One of the common mistakes when throwing is either to look away or even close the eyes when throwing.  Make sure that the players are looking directly at the target when they throw.  They will have way more success when they know they can do it because they did during practice.

Softball Throwing Target Drill