Softball Throwing Rotation Drill

Softball Throwing Towel Drill - softball drills

The softball throwing rotation drill is an excellent way to incorporate some subtle team building into the practice.  When you have new players to the team or at the beginning of the season is a great time to use this drill.  It can also be useful if you notice any type of groups forming which we all know happens.

You can modify this drill again by increasing or decreasing the distance for the throwers or making it a competition between 2 groups.  If you are going to make it a competition, make sure that they are not groups that hang out together or infielders vs outfielders for example.  Try to make it a mix of players so that you can incorporate team building into the activity.

Softball Throwing Rotation Drill

This is an awesome warm-up drill for teams that have new players or if you want to make sure that no players are always throwing together.  The object is to throw with someone different every 2 minutes until everyone has thrown with everyone.  I say every 2 minutes because then you also have enough time to ensure adequate warm-up for the practice or games.  It’s great also to use during tournaments when you want to do what you can to ensure the team culture is cohesive everyone is working together.

It also helps to have the players throwing and receiving the ball from each other because that’s what they will be doing during games.  They will not only be throwing to their friends during competition depending on what positions they are playing.

Of course you can not guarantee that it will work for those purposes but if you do it from the beginning of the season at least once per week it will just be some

thing that you do rather than something you threw in to change things up.

softball throwing rotation drill