Softball Hitting Pivot Rotation Drill

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Sometimes when we are trying to get our hitters to use their hips, they have a hard time getting the concept.  This softball hitting pivot rotation drill will help them to physically feel and see what we are referring to.  We know that the part of the body that generates the most power in hitting is the hips.  The ability to use them efficiently requires coordination and specific practice.

Many players will use the upper body mostly when hitting.  This drill allow you to isolate the hips.

Softball Hitting Pivot Rotation Drill

This drill will help to develop proper hip rotation while pivoting on the back foot and to incorporate the hips into the swing while remaining balanced.


  • bat
  • batting tee
  • ball


Place the tee so that the ball is in front of the batters belly button.  It should be at the height so that the batter will make contact with the ball on the rotation.

The player puts her bat behind her back and locks her arms around the bat.  the batter then assumes her normal stance pivots her back foot which brings the hips forward, rotating your trunk with the bat hitting the ball on the tee.
After the rotation, the batter remains balanced and does not move either foot.  The coach can then check the position and balance of the batter for efficiency.

Key Points:

  • The batter should rotate on the ball of her back foot
  • Your belly button should be pointing toward the pitcher after rotation
  • The eyes need to stay on the ball until contact.
  • Instruct the batter to move forward and not upward as a result of the pivot

By learning proper hip rotation and how to drive forward, the batter will learn how to generate power and bat speed
with the pivot.  It is important that the batter not push up with the pivot but forward instead.