Softball Hitting Skills Checklist

Hitting skills checklist

Softball skills can be very complicated.  For new athletes who are learning skills there can be so much information that it can get overwhelming.  I put these checklists, including the softball hitting skills checklist together for breaking the skills down into smaller and easier chunks of information for your players.

I would print them off and laminate them and then have the players actually evaluate each on them.  I would not do it very often but a few times so that they are seeing what I was teaching them.  Sometimes to teach a skill is a great way to learn one as well.

Softball Hitting Skills Checklist


_____ feet about shoulder width apart

_____ Weight a little bit on your back foot

_____ knees a little bit bent (soft knees)

_____ middle knuckles lined up (or close)

_____ elbows hanging and relaxed

_____ weight a little bit on the balls of your feet


_____ keep your eyes on the ball

_____ small step with your front foot

_____ move your front elbow towards the pitcher

_____ turn your hips to the pitcher (push back toes down and pivot on the balls of your feet)

_____ shift your weight towards your front foot

_____ hips are facing the pitcher

_____ swing the bat fast and hard through the ball keeping your eyes on the ball

_____ hit the ball

Follow Through

_____ weight is balanced or slightly back

_____ wrists are rolled or turned over

_____ hips are facing the pitcher

_____ hands follow through around to the opposite shoulder

_____ eyes are still on the ball