Softball Team Throwing Drill

Softball Throwing Towel Drill - softball drills

Throwing is arguably the number one reason why games are lost.  This softball team throwing star drill will give your team experience in throwing while there are runners on the bases and on the move.  The drill will help the players to work on the transition of the ball and throwing and catching under pressure.  We have seen what happens to the ball when there are runners on base and people yelling during a game.  Add everything that you can think of that they will experience during a game and you will notice the difference when it counts.

Softball Team Throwing Star Drill

Put players in all infield positions except for the pitcher.  I say players rather than infielders because all of the players can benefit from this drill.  The ball starts at the catcher who throws to the second base player who throws to the third base player who throws to the first baseman who throws to the shortstop who throws back to the catcher.  While this is happening, there is a runner on the bases.  The runner starts running as soon as the catcher throws the ball. Put cones in the spot where the throwers are standing to make sure they do not creep in to make the throws shorter.

You could even have the throwers attempt to get the ball back to the catcher before the runner gets back to home plate.  To make it more competitive, you can have the teams who compete with each other.  Every base that the runner touches before the ball gets back to home plate is a point for her team.  If the throwing team loses the ball, they have to retrieve it and keep throwing while the runner keeps running around the bases.

Break the team up into groups of 5.  When all of the players on the running team have been a runner, switch teams.  Modify the star according to the number of players on each team.

Softball Throwing Star Drill