Softball Skills Conditioning Drill

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We know that conditioning is important for the game of softball especially for getting through those long tournament days and to emphasis athletic abilities during the game.  This softball skills conditioning drill will allow you to focus on improving skills such as fielding and throwing under pressure and conditioning.

Softball Skills Conditioning Drill

The coach hits a ground ball to the player at SS, who throws to 1st base and then runs to the end of the line at 2nd base.  After receiving the ball at 1st base for the force out, the player runs the ball to the bucket beside the coach and then runs to the end of the line at SS and the next player steps up at 1st.  The coach hits a ball to the player at 2nd base right after the ball is hit to SS.  The player at 2nd base then underhand tosses the ball to next player at 1st base who makes the force play and then runs the ball to the bucket then runs to the back of the line at SS.

This is a fast paced drill that keeps the players moving and paying attention or it will break up the drill.  By hitting the ball to the player at 2nd base right after the one at SS everything must be moving quickly and efficiently.  There is no time for errors or again the drill will be broken up.

This is a good drill to incorporate a game like stressful condition as the stress in softball is mostly psychological. Start slow so that the players get the hang of it and then speed it up.  Safety is critical so make sure that the players at SS know not to throw the ball unless the player at 1st is looking.   I liked this drill a lot for challenging the skills of my players under pressure.