Softball Skills Challenge

softball success challenge

The Softball Skills Challenge is composed of 5 skills, designed to test the athlete’s various softball skills.  Each athlete must participate in each event in order to be eligible to win or place in this event.



  • distance
  • accuracy
  • velocity


  • fly balls
  • ground balls
  • movement


  • Velocity
  • Control



Base Running

  • home to first
  • first to second
  • first to third
  • home run


  • distance
  • accuracy


  • control
  • slap bunt

Softball Skills Challenge Event Description


Throwing for Distance

  • Each participant will have 3 attempts to throw softball as far as possible.  A throw will not count if the participant steps on or over the foul line prior to releasing the ball.

Throwing for Accuracy

  • Each participant will attempt to throw softballs to a coach from 4 different distances and the bonus distance.
  • Participants will have 2 chances at each distance and points can be earned twice at each distance.
  • No warm-ups will be allowed at the actual competition area.
  • Points will be awarded as follows:

Distance                         Points 
15 feet                               1 point per ball thrown perfectly to the coach
25 feet                              2 points per ball
35 feet                              4 points per ball
40 feet                              5 points per ball
55 feet  *Bonus Ball      10 points – One attempt

  • Tie Breaker:  Sudden Death from the 40-foot line.

Throwing Velocity

  • During the throwing transition activity, a radar gun will be used to track the velocity of each throw
  • The last 3 are counted

Fielding Fly Balls

  • A 10ft by 10ft square zone is marked by cones
  • A fly ball is hit or thrown anywhere in the zone.
  • The participant starts in the middle and must catch the fly ball cleanly with good mechanics
  • 5 attempts are made – the last 3 are counted

Fielding Ground Balls

  • Cones are set up 20 feet apart with the fielder in the middle.
  • The coach hits ground balls from 50 feet away.
  • Fielder attempts to field as many ground balls cleanly and make good throws back in 2 minutes.
  • 3 attempts are allowed

Catcher – Throw to 2nd

  • Catcher assumes the catching position in full gear
  • A runner heads off from 1st to 2nd
  • Record the amount of time it takes for the catcher to get up and throw to 2nd base
  • 5 attempts are made – best 3 attempts are recorded

Catcher – Blocking

  • Catcher assumes catching position in full gear
  • A coach throws balls at the dirt within a marked area
  • The catcher blocks the balls with good mechanics
  • 3 attempts at 5 blocks per attempt – success out of 5 is recorded

Catcher – Passed Ball Recovery

  • Catcher assumes catching position in full gear
  • A coach throws balls passed the catcher
  • The catcher gets to the ball and tosses it to home plate
  • 5 are made – best 3 are recorded

Pitching for Control

  • Each player will make 10 pitches towards home plate
  • The object of the event will be to have as many balls as possible hit the target – a coaches glove in a specific location
  • One warm up will be allowed

Pitching Velocity

  • During the Pitching for Accuracy, velocity will be recorded with the radar gun.
  • The highest 3 numbers will be recorded

Offensive Skills

Base Running Timing

  • Home to 1st
    • Start in a batting position
  • 1st to 2nd .
    • use pitcher for timing
  • 2nd to 3rd
  • Home Run

Hitting for Distance

  • Each participant gets 5 hits
  • The furthest 3 distances are recorded

Hitting for Accuracy

  • The field will be divided into 3 areas.
  • Each hitter will get 7 hits
    • a foul, foul tip, or home run will count as a hit, but no points.
  • Hitters must provide their own pitcher.
  • Points will be awarded as follows:
  1. A fair ground ball hit into any of the 3 sections            1 point
  2. A line drive that lands in the left or right section         2 points
  3. A line drive lands in the center section                           3 points
  4. Hitting every section                                                           1 Bonus Point
  5. Infield Fly Ball that land in the infield will not count for points.

Bunting – Control

  • The participants will get 9 pitches
    • 3 bunts down the 3rd Baseline
    • 3 bunts down the 1st baseline
    • 3 bunts right in front of the catcher out of immediate reach
  • For each successful bunt that does not foul off or is missed, an additional point will be added

Bunting – Running Slap

  • The participants will get 3 pitches
  • They will get a point for each successful running slap bunt