Softball Shortstop Handout


The softball shortstop position handout is a sheet with information for the position where most times the busiest position other than the pitcher and catcher in most young or new teams. Although it is where the better fielder and thrower usually is, it is a great place to get some good experience to learn the game and get some fielding in during the game.

Communication and confidence are important for this position as there are many balls either in the air or in the ground that come up the middle. You and the 2nd base player are the middle infielders who guard the middle lane of the field. It’s awesome to make great plays that are just out of your reach. Go for it!

Duties of the Softball Shortstop

Accepting Throws at 3rd base

  • when the ball is hit, if the 3rd base player is going to field it, with runners at 1st and 2nd, the shortstop goes to 3rd base and to ready for a throw from the 3rd base player
  • make sure you are facing the player who is going to throw the ball
  • as the player throws the ball, try to tell if it is going to be to you or if you are going to have to move to stop it from going past you

2nd Base

  • if the ball is hit on the side of the 2nd base player, you go to 2nd base and get ready to accept a throw with a runner on 1st base
  • if the ball is hit on your side of the field, the 2nd base player goes to 2nd to get ready to take a throw with a runner on 1st base
  • if the ball is hit right up the middle, the 2nd base player goes to 2nd base to get ready to take a throw

Fielding Balls

  • if a ground ball is hit where you can field it, make sure you field it right away and throw it to 1st base to get her out
  • if there is a runner at 1st base, throw or toss it to the player at 2nd base if there are runners at 1st and 2nd base, throw or toss it to the player at 3rd base