Softball Pickoff and Baserunning Drill

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This Softball Pickoff and Baserunning Drill is perfect for working with catchers, fielders, baserunners and pitchers on a pick off.  Refine all base running pick-offs and have the baserunners practice playing the defense at the same time.  Perfect!

There is also a good chance that the runners might get into a run down.  There are so many good things that can come out of this drill.  You can incorporate the whole team into it as there always needs to be back up for a pick off throw in case the ball gets past the receiver at third or first.  You can even practice a pick off at second from the pitcher when the runner takes a long lead off when there is a runner at third.  You need to have a good strong arm though that can get the ball back to home if the runner takes off from third.

Softball Pickoff and Baserunning Drill

Pickoff and Baserunning Drill Setup

Three Fielders at each base with a runner on the baseline.  A runner is in front of each base approximately 5 feet away from the base.  There is a Coach or pitcher at the pitchers plate and a catcher at the plate.


The Coach or pitcher pitches to the catcher, as soon as the catcher catches the ball the coach calls which base to throw to for a pick off.

If it is to 2nd –  the runner at 3rd takes a bigger lead to draw a throw.  The second baseman cuts inside the line to cut off the throw and the shortstop goes to 2nd base while the 3rd Baseman goes to 3rd for a potential throw.  Play the runners.

If it is to 3rd – the SS runs over to cover the base while the 3rd baseman moves forward as a decoy.  The SS is prepared to make a quick throw back to home if the runner takes off.  The baserunners play the defense.

If it is to 1st – the first baseman takes the throw while keeping an eye on the third base runner.  The runner at third takes a bigger lead to draw the throw.  Play the runner.

Pickoff and Baserunning Drill