Softball Pick Up Throwing Drill

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This is a great softball pick up throwing drill drill for when there is no time to set and throw.  Thank you to submissions for the practice planning for this drill from Billy Pierce and his 14U B team.

Softball Pick Up Throwing Drill

The drill starts with groups of 3 (or more if you wish)  The task is to pick up the ball with the glove only and transfer it to throwing while in motion.  We usually hammer home the 2 hands aspect of fielding however as I said there are times when the play has to be made quicker than that.

The first person in line gets to the ball on the right quick as possible and picks it up with the glove and throws it to the coach while in motion.  The next player picks up the middle one and the last player picks up the last one and throws.  Switch the players around in the line so they get to pick up the ball from each location as it does make a difference.

The key to the Pick Up Throwing Drill is to pick up the ball on the outside of the glove side foot is.  So for balls on either side the player will have to get around the ball to ensure that happens.  As the pick up is done farther away from the target it is called a run through.  So the player ends up running to the ball and picking it up on the run then transferring it to throwing.  This is more likely from the outfield.  As mentioned, the key is to pick it up outside the glove side foot and transfer in the next step to throw.

Move the players back as the throws are done correctly.  Make the Pick Up Throwing Drill into a relay or competition as it gets easier.  Not based on time at first but accuracy then time.

Have fun 🙂

Pick Up Throwing Drill