Softball Outfield Crow Hop Drill

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Using a crow hop from the outfield will create momentum on the throw which will create more velocity on the ball upon release, getting it to the plate much faster.  It is also a good tool for when an outfielder has difficulty picking up a grounder by fielding it in front of them when they have to get it in quickly.  The softball outfield crow hop drill gives you an opportunity to practice it when there is not as much stress.  Add stress when they get good at it.

Softball Outfield Crow Hop Drill


To pick the ball up on the glove side foot while on the run.  Bring it up to throw as the momentum is transferring to the back foot on the hop.  The back foot then becomes the front foot as the thrower fires the ball to the destination.


The outfielders line up at left, center and right field with a cone on the field where the fielder is to pick up the ball. There is a coach who hits the ball out, and a fielder on each side of the coach for the outfielders to throw to.


The coach hits a hard ground ball to the left fielder who picks it up at the cone and fires it to home plate either as a line drive or with a one hopper in front of the plate depending on the physical strength of the thrower.  The coach then hits one to the center fielder and then to the right fielder.  The fielders rotate by sprinting to the positions after fielding the ball by going to the back of the line beside them.

  • Left goes to center
  • center goes to right
  • right goes to left field

The closest player to the one fielding the ball acts as the back up every time. Hit the ball more random and include fly balls to mix it up and keep them on their toes.  Add bases to throw to and relay cut offs to add even more variables.