Softball Outfield Around The Ball Drill

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The Softball Outfield Around The Ball Drill is a great drill to ensure that outfielders set themselves up for success in fielding a fly ball.  By getting a head start on the read, they will be focused on getting to the ball rather than waiting until it is too late.  Not all fly balls are able to be caught this way.  It needs to be a nice high ball that gives the fielder time to get to the spot and set up.

This drill requires that the outfielder read the ball right off the bat and judge whether it is a good idea to take the extra time to get set up for a throw in a different direction that the one they would be heading in to field it cleanly.  By facing the receiver as she catches the ball, she is in a perfect position to make a quick snap throw to the relay or the the base if she is close enough.

Softball Outfield Around The Ball Drill


To practice circling around the ball when catching fly balls


Outfielders form a single-file line.  A catcher sets up to the left of a hitter.  The fungo hitter hits high, soft fly balls to the left side of the outfielder, high enough to allow the fielder time to get in position.  The outfielder comes around the ball to line up for a throw to the catcher. Repeat the drill in the opposite direction with the catcher setting up to the right of the hitter.

It is a good idea for the person that is putting the ball in the air to change it up during the drill so that the fielder needs to make a decision on which way to field the ball.  What needs to be emphasized is that the ball needs to be caught first and foremost.


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Judi Garman