Softball Intrasquad Games

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Softball Intrasquad games are great for practicing specific game situations.  It is a time when you can challenge a players focus and allow them to develop concentration techniques that they can then bring to competition.

Softball Intrasquad Games

These are perfect because you can set up any situation in these games.  That’s the advantage of playing them during practice.  You can set up a situation for example that the team is having trouble with and iron out the assignments.

For example you can divide the team into 2 groups and have one on the field and one up to bat.  Play with 3 outs but each player goes to the plate with 3 balls and 2 strikes.  This forces the players to be aggressive and to act at the plate rather than wait until something happens.  You might want to work up to this with a younger team because you don’t want to crush their confidence at the plate.

You could also divide the team into 2 groups and put runners at different bases before each inning depending on what situation you want to work on.  With this situation you can practice specific offensive plays such as the bunt or a hit and run situation. Players need to know that when you call an offensive signal, it needs to happen.

With this setup, you can also have the defense work on the situations that you want them to work on in a competitive situation where  runs count.  You can have the team that loses put the equipment away at the end of the practice to give the winning team a reward.  I do not encourage push ups or any type of exercise as punishment because our goal is help them to enjoy exercise rather than dread it.

You could even have a running score and tally the runs mid way through the season with the winning team getting a prize.