Softball Footwork Throwing Transition Drill

Softball Throwing Towel Drill - softball drills

In almost every play in softball the player needs to get to the ball, make some kind of move and then throw the ball.  What often happens is that because they are thinking about making the throw while they are getting to the ball, the pick up and transition of the ball to throwing fails.  This softball footwork throwing transition drill is great for quick movement and then transition to throwing.

If they can practice this activity with and without stress, your team will be able to field and throw without panicking or rushing to get the ball out of their hand and to the destination.  It will be done with more quiet confidence that allows the players to move quickly with control.

Softball Footwork Throwing Transition Drill

Have a line of players.  The first player stays low and runs forward past the cone then shuffles to the side through the cone then forward past the next cone then shuffles sideways through the cone and so on. Once at the end the player picks up the ball and throws it to the player standing beside their line.

That player puts a ball down for the next player then goes to the spot where they just threw the ball and stays there for the remainder of the drill.  The next player in line follows the same procedure but stays at the side where they picked up the ball.  When all players have gotten to the other side and the ball is back at the player who started the drill everyone sits down and yells BINGO!

Repeat the drill so that they have to throw on the other side this time.

There are many variations you can do with this one.  For example, you can have the players move backwards and forwards, laterally or even diagonally.   Be creative 🙂