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This softball focusing drill is awesome for creating intense situations where the fielders and throwers can not make a mistake or they risk losing the relay.  The good thing with this drill like others is that you can modify it depending on the situation you want to replicate.  For example, you can execute the drill with throwing only and increase the distance to change it up.  Again, be sure to mix up the players and refrain from groups that hang out being teams on their own.

Softball Focusing Drill

How often do you encounter game situations where the pressure is on and a play needs to be made.  I would say…. many.  We know that as the stress level increases in this game, the skill level will decrease. This drill will allow your players to actually practice executing game skills under pressure.

Each team has a ball. The first person in line throws a ground ball to the person across from them and then goes to the end of the line on the other side.  The receiver fields the ball and throws cleanly and quickly to the person behind the one who just threw the grounder and goes to the end of that line.  Go through the entire lines until everyone is back where they started from.  Its a race with the team beside them.

The number of players you have will determine the size and number of the teams.  You can do this drill with throwing and tossing fly balls too.  Make sure the receiver does not cross the line until the ball has left the hand of the thrower.  You can use cones to mark the lines.  Never use bats for markers for obvious reasons.  The players will love it and want to do best out of 3 and sometimes even 5.   Its a great drill to warm up and have fun before a game as well.