Softball Fly Ball Tracking Drill

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This softball fly ball tracking drill is great for getting fielders to track a fly ball over a distance that you determine.  As they get better you can increase the distance and the speed of the ball.  By throwing the ball you can control it for novice players and for the more experienced players you can use the bat and fungo hit the ball.  For young or very new players use a light flight ball or tennis ball so that they are not afraid to go after it.  This drill should be done with players who play all positions and not simply the outfielders.

Softball Fly Ball Tracking Drill

The players line up on one side and run to the other as you throw the ball up in the air for them to catch.  You can then have them carry the ball to a bucket at the end of the line or they can throw back to you.  Once everyone is on the other side, then you repeat the drill heading in the opposite direction.

Key coaching points:

Remind the players to keep their hands down as they are running to the ball and to then bring the glove up as they receive the ball.  Try to use 2 hands to catch the ball if it is reachable to secure the ball and so the transition to throwing is easier.  If the ball can not be caught with 2 hands, one hand will do.  The point is to catch the ball rather than focusing too much on mechanics.  Its a fun drill that has some challenge that you can guide.

This is one of those drills where I like to focus on the purpose of the drill.  It is not necessarily about fielding mechanics but the skill of tracking and moving to a fly ball and catching it.  You can also insert ground balls into this drill for players to practice cutting off the ball.