Softball Fly Ball Tracking Cut Drill

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This softball fly ball tracking cut drill is a great way to have players quickly locate the ball and track it.   Be aware though that it can be a demoralizing drill as much as it can be a confidence builder.   Be sure that a coach or assistant tosses the balls so that at first they are catchable.  When it gets to players who have more skills, they can be challenged more by the toss being a bit out of their reach so they have to run faster and really focus on fielding.  A player who is not a super good fielder needs their confidence lifted before they are challenged.

You will also find that it is easier to catch fly balls with the glove moving in front of the fielder rather than behind or to the side.  This will definitely effect the success of the drill.

Softball Fly Ball Tracking Cut Drill

All players get a ball and line up along the baseline beside the coach.  The first player in line tosses their ball to the coach and starts running straight ahead.  When the coach says “CUT!” then the player cuts right and the coach tosses the ball for the player to catch on the run.  He/she then runs back to the end of the line for the next turn.  It is important for the coach to know the skill levels of the players so that he/she can build confidence as well as challenge the ones that need it.  There is nothing more cool than catching a ball on the run and hearing the rest of the team cheering for you.

Increase the pace by throwing the balls faster.  Be careful though not to have the players running into each other.  Safety first!

This drill can be done going left or right and can also be done on a diagonal line right from the starting point.  An awesome drill to build confidence and have some fun before a game or at the end of a practice.