OUT Throwing Drill

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This OUT throwing drill is used to have everyone participate in fielding, catching and throwing with a little competition added.

OUT Throwing Drill

Have everyone spread out evenly into a deep infield position. Place two fielders at first base, with one on the base and another backing up the base. Have an assistant coach or parent be the catcher or use another player.

The drill starts by coach yelling, “ready!” This should be the cue for getting all the players into a ready position.

The coach then hits grounders or fly balls randomly to the players.  As coach, be sure that players’ verbally call all fly balls. On grounders, make sure they setup in the correct fielding position which depends on if it is a fly ball or a ground ball and if the player needs to reposition to field the ball.  The important thing is to keep the ball in front of them and in a good position to have a good transition to throwing. Once the ball is in the glove, a good throw to first base is made. The first basemen then throws the ball to the catcher.

If a ball is missed, the player missing the ball gets a letter -O- and runs and retrieves the ball.  Then she runs back and rolls the ball into the backstop while everyone else continues on with the drill. If she misses again, she get the letter -U- .  When a fielder gets to spell the word OUT, they leave the field.  After they all have received at least one ball hit to them, then have them switch positions so that they are fielding from a different position on the field. At that time the player that is backing up the first baseman goes to first base. The first baseman goes behind the player in right field.

This drill is meant to move quickly so it can be done in a reasonable amount of time.  Give a quick trial run to let them know what the pace will be.  Everyone needs to run to their next position so there is no need to stop and wait.  As the team improves their skills, move quickly and if a player is not paying attention or not in position, hit the ball anyway (safely of course) and I bet they will be ready next time if they get a letter.  Do not hit a fly ball or one that she can get injured by.

If there are any players who are having trouble.  Arrange to spend extra time with them.


out throwing drill