Softball Place Hitting
Softball Hitting

Softball Place Hitting

Most times when the batter arrives at the plate, they are thinking about hitting the ball as hard and as far as possible.  Softball place hitting is a useful tool for may reasons including when [Read More]

softball on deck circle
Mental Preparation

Softball On Deck Circle

While in the softball on deck circle, there is much more to do than visiting with friends and family in the stands, or answering a question from teammates in the dugout.   Part of the job [Read More]

softball homerun
Softball Hitting

The Softball Home Run

As women are strengthening their upper bodies and the bats are changing, the home run is more a part of the game than ever before. Now what can you do about the biomechanics of the [Read More]

softball hitting slump
Softball Hitting

Softball Hitting Slumps

Most players and coaches can say that they have experience with softball hitting slumps.  This frustrating decline in performance at the plate can happen to any player no matter how high a level they play.  [Read More]

Hitting skills checklist
Softball Hitting

Softball Hitting Skills Checklist

Softball skills can be very complicated.  For new athletes who are learning skills there can be so much information that it can get overwhelming.  I put these checklists, including the softball hitting skills checklist together for breaking [Read More]

Common Softball Hitting Errors
Softball Hitting

Softball Hitting Philosophies

How many softball hitting philosophies have you heard?  I think that hitting is more individual than that. Some coaches have set rules that they have their hitters go by. For example, many will say, never [Read More]

Power of Coaching Softball, softball coaching
Softball Bunting

Softball Bunting As An Offensive Tool

One of the most useful yet underutilized and least perfected offensive tools in the game is softball bunting as an offensive tool.  I believe that every player should be very good at the sacrifice bunt [Read More]