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Softball Podcasts

Softball Signals

Softball Signals On this episode, I am going to talk about signals in softball.  We are all familiar with offensive signals but I am going to explore the defensive ones as well. Signals are essentially [Read More]

softball scouting
Softball Assessment Tools

Softball Scouting

Softball scouting is something that many  coaches are doing every time they are at the ballpark during the off season and regular season.  It could be for the purpose of gathering information for the when [Read More]

Retirement From Softball
The Softball Game

Softball Retirement

Athletes that have been involved in softball at a high level for most of their lives are accustomed to a certain level of day to day activity which might include fitness training, mental training and [Read More]

Softball Pre Game Talk
Mental Preparation

Softball Pre Game Talk

I have seen many coaches wanting to get their team fired up for a playoff game or to get ready for the championship tournament bring out every trick in the book to feel like they [Read More]

Softball Post Game Huddle
The Softball Game

Softball Post Game Huddle

The game is over and now in the softball post game huddle is where you can get the players back to a state of physical and mental homeostasis or balance. You have so many things [Read More]

Softball Coaching Tools

Softball Player Offensive Scouting Sheet

This was an awesome softball tool for scouting opposing players on the teams offense I saw more than once.  I filled the softball player offensive scouting sheet out for each game for each player for the entire season. [Read More]

softball pitch selection
Softball Catcher

Softball Pitch Selection

Softball Pitch Selection and Placement What Pitch to Throw…and Where to Place It Softball Pitch Selection by Gerald Warner, pitchsoftball.com Instructor Knowing which pitch to throw and at what location…then being able to do it… [Read More]

Being A Coach Parent
Softball Parents

Being A Coach Parent

I was speaking with a parent of 2 softball players who have had numerous experiences with softball coaches Being A Coach Parent of players on the team.  I was annoyed but not surprised at how [Read More]

softball individualization
Opinions By Experience

Softball Individualization

Who is your athlete? What are their goals in softball? How old are your athletes? Where are you at in your yearly training plan? Are your athletes involved in an individual strength and conditioning program? [Read More]

Power of Coaching Softball, softball coaching
The Softball Game

Softball Icebreaker Tournaments

I remember those days. Its cold, rainy windy and the bat hurts in your hands. I never quite understood the softball icebreaker tournaments that were more like ice tournaments than breaker ones. I guess if [Read More]