Softball Catching Mimic Drill

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Mimicking skills can be a great and safe way to get the feel of the motion without using equipment.  New softball players will gain confidence and get a full understanding of the importance of the mechanics.  The Softball Catching Mimic Drill does not need any equipment.  The drill can be done to introduce catching to beginners or to refine the skills in a more experienced player.

Softball Catching Mimic Drill

Players start with their feet in the forward stride position with their glove side foot forward.  Focus on feeling the body weight shift forward to make the catch as her team mate throws the ball.  As the imaginary ball is caught, feel the weight shift back and turn the glove side of the body to the target in preparation to throw. In one continuous motion, the player imagines the ball entering into her glove, catches it and draws it to her throwing shoulder.

Move slowly for the first 5 repetitions.  Exaggerating the motions and feeling the movements as the transition is made.huy


After 10 repetitions,  have the players close their eyes and imagine that they are catching a ball coming toward them.  Make the imaginary catch and the transition movement to the throwing position as one continuous motion.  While doing this, the player says to herself, “watch te ball into the glove, catch it and turn”

Players can have a partner watch them and tell them whether their motion is smooth and whether their body turns to the throwing position correctly.

They can also practice at home.  Practicing the catching motion in front of a mirror.  Checking their technique to the correct mechanics of throwing.

After the players are confident with their abilities, have them work with partners and a softer ball until they get the motion.  Eventually incorporate a real ball and then situations that can be increased in difficulty.