Softball Fielding Throwing Drill

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Throwing for accuracy is the number one skill that can win or lose a game for you.  This Barney Bop Softball Fielding Throwing Drill can include some fun in the learning.  Find ways to modify it so that you can make it more game like if you want but it is just a fun drill to bring everyone down from an intense practice.

Barney Bop Softball Fielding Throwing Drill

The final thing we do at every practice is to have a game that teaches a skill. Here is a coaches favorites and a favorite of the players.

The game is called “Barney Bop.” You may have heard of it.  Take a stool or high chair and place it straddling first base with a net or fence behind it to stop any errant throws. Place a stuffed animal on top of the chair (Some use a Barney Doll, hence the name). Divide your team into two equal teams or as equal as possible. Both teams stand out by the shortstop position, with one member of the first team ready to field a ball. The other members of her team are awaiting their turn in line, as well as the members of the other team.

Hit a grounder to the first member of the first team. She must field the ball cleanly and make a throw to first base attempting to knock “Barney” off the chair. If she does, her team gets one point. Then do the same to the first member of the second team. Alternate teams until every player of each team has had at least one throw at “Barney”. The team with the most points wins!!

I also like to have the players also do this drill from center field with “Barney” at second base and also from second base throwing to first base. This game can be a great way to involve competition with efforts to improve throwing accuracy.