Softball Controllable’s

Quick Focusing Strategies for Softball

This game is full of potential distractions.  When we  know what do we have control over and what we do not, our job is much easier and so is the job of our athletes.  As coaches, we like to think that we can control everything but nope… no matter what you think, it’s not true.  We need to know exactly what the softball controllable’s are so that we are not distracted by the things that are not in our control.

If athletes are aware of their environment and what they have control over, they can devise strategies to maintain their focus. For example when the umpire makes a call that they disagree with, or if a teammate makes an error or even when the coach puts you in the batting order where you think you should not be.

Softball Controllable’s

This exercise  is one of the best ones available that will allow coaches and players to work on the things they can control and work on ways to ensure the things that they can not control will not disrupt their game.

For example where would the following things belong?

  • umpires
  • fans
  • skill level
  • opponents

Simply have the athletes draw out the boxes on a piece of paper in any way they like.  Even do one for the team if you like and have it accessible for when you might feel it is warranted to show them as a reminder.  Have them draw pictures or write and even color them in if they like.  It works for all ages.  Try it as a coach as well.

Do not help them fill it out until the end of the activity during discussion. Allow all of them to share their answers and add to their sheet if they need to.  When everyone is finished then the coach can add things with them.

It is meant to be an activity to give them more understanding and control of their own game.  This promotes self direction and a good work ethic as well.  It’s great for all ages and skill levels.  Have fun.