Ways to Improve Softball Skills

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Following are 6 ways to improve softball skills.  Technical and Tactical skills are the keys to success in softball which are enhanced by physical and mental training.  By working to improve the skills from game to game and practice to practice, you will develop your team to their potential.  Focusing on the process rather than on the wins and losses can be very difficult as the pressure can be intense.  I challenge you to stay focused and let the outcome take care of itself.  Use these tools to help you to do that.

6 Ways to Improve Softball Skills

1. Assessment

The first assessment is the building block for the season.  By evaluating early and regularly, and using that data to build your plan for success, you can ensure that your team will improve.

2. Monitor during the season

By keeping track of your athletes progress, you know if and when you might need to make adjustments as a result of the team’s performance.  I always had a note book in my pocket during games and practices.  During the event I would write down the things that I saw that needed to be worked on.  All coaches on the team had a notebook and we compiled the notes as we designed future practices.  This is one of the reasons that my teams always improved from year to year.

3. Awareness

Having a sharp eye during games and practices will give you insight that you might not get as you are sitting in your office planning your next practice.  If all coaches are always aware, you will see not only how the team is performing but also how they may be feeling which will have an effect on their skill execution.

4. Self Assessments

Have the players on the team fill out a self assessment questionnaire as they monitor their own progress.  This will also give you an idea of how the athletes feel about their own skills.  Involving them in the process will also contribute to the self direction that creates great athletes.

5. The Scorebook

This great tool is under utilized.  Use the score book cheat sheet to help your scorekeeper collect data for you.

6. Education

Get certified as a softball coach.  Learn from those that have done it before you and those that have the technical and tactical knowledge and abilities based on sports science principles if you can.  If you are not already, become a student of the game.  There is so much information available however you will need to be selective on the information that you use.  Use your Softball Governing Body to guide you.

The most important thing is to enjoy the process and stay focused even though it will be hard.  The ability to have the patience that it takes to be methodical is an art.  As mentioned earlier, enjoy the process…. and let the outcome take care of itself. Try the 6 ways to improve softball skills and be patient.