Softball Throwing Triangle Drill For Transition

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This Softball Throwing Triangle drill is great for working on throwing accuracy while keeping the players moving.  Stationary throwing drills are great for working on mechanics and velocity which is critical to success during the games.  The game however is a moving activity even if the players are not moving at the same speed and consistency as they are during this drill.

The difficulty level of this drill will depend on the experience level of the team and their ability to focus on the task at hand.  For example the ball coming at them and then getting it to its next destination right away can be stressful.

Softball Throwing Triangle Drill

Divide your team up into 3 groups. The first group stands between first base and second base. The second group stands at short stop. The third group stands at home plate. A coach and the catcher stand a little to the side of the plate. The coach hits the ball to the first group, then the first group catches it and throws it to the second group while running to the second group position. The second group girl that catches the ball throws it to home plate while running there.  Keep the ball and the players moving while they try to keep throwing the ball without errors.

This is another great drill that can be modified depending on the level of your team.  You can start slow for a young team that is having trouble with throwing and catching and increase the speed for the more advanced teams and as they get better.  You can even modify the distance and the types of balls that are being fielded or caught.  You can have for example, a ground ball thrown then a regular throw and alternate the requirements.

This drill can also be a good conditioning drill while it requires focus at the same time.  The team will enjoy the challenge as you encourage them to go faster and faster without any errors.

Softball Throwing Triangle Drill