Softball Team Cooperation Drill

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New teams often have difficulty with building cohesion and with players feeling comfortable with each other especially if there are new players to the team.  I might not recommend this softball team building cooperation drill right away but maybe after a month into the season.  If you do it too early, it may be a very difficult task because players might be feeling self conscious and not comfortable with an activity that requires moving around each other in a small space.

This is a good softball team building Cooperation drill for the beginning of the season or just to have some fun and build the team at the same time.  Can be done indoors or outside with any age team.  Even adults can use this drill for team building.  You would be amazed at how much fun adults have with this activity as well.

Softball Team Cooperation Drill

Get a queen or king size blanket or sheet and lay it on the ground.  The whole team stands on the blanket.  Have the team turn the blanket or sheet over without anyone leaving the blanket or sheet.  No one’s feet can touch the ground outside of the blanket or sheet or they have to start over.

It may seem impossible when first given the task but you would be amazed at what teamwork can do.  Lots of laughing and thinking.  It’s awesome!

You can even break the group up to smaller groups and then gradually build the group to the whole team and see if you can do it.  You can also change the size of the sheet or blanket to modify the difficulty of the activity.

There is no pressure and it can take as long as it takes.  The players need to be able to deliberate and problem solve as a group on how to best complete the task.  As they get better, you can add competition to the drill.

Softball Team Cooperation Drill