Softball Stress Fielding Drill

Softball Throwing Towel Drill - softball drills

This is my favorite softball stress fielding drill to get things going quickly while creating stress and fun  for the team at the same time.  The fielders need to be able to focus on their job while there are runners going at the same time.  The timing component is great to add stress.

Softball Stress Fielding Drill

Infielders work on proper fielding and throwing skills.  they stay low, keep their body weight forward and make accurate throws to the glove side.

  • Infielders excluding pitcher go to their positions.  Runners line up near first base.  The coach brings a fungo bat to home plate.
  • Action begins when a runner comes to first base.  The coach hits three consecutive balls to the same fielder.  (for example, hit three balls to the first baseman before hitting to another fielder).  The runner goes from first base to second on the first hit, second to third on the second hit and tags up from third on the last hit.  NOTE.  The runner, whether safe or out, stays on base.  After touching home plate the runner goes to the end of the line.  Play continues as another runner goes to first.
  • The following chart shows where the coach hits each ball and where players throw the ball.

Shared from “Baseball Coach’s Collection of Drills and Games” by Robert G. Hoehn