Softball Rundown Drill

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This Softball Rundown Drill is a great way to get a larger group involved and to practice baserunning and rundown execution at the same time.  It is also a perfect way to practice the one and three defensive play.

Softball Rundown Drill

To complete this drill you must have at least 8 players and preferably 10 or more.

First, put 2 players at each base including home.  Place one runner with a glove on, between home and third and one between first and second base.  The drill begins with giving the first runner in line at first base the ball and have her run at the runner between third and home, taking an angle to cut the runner off from home plate.

The player with the ball tries to prevent the runner from scoring at all cost and throws the ball to home plate if necessary.  If she successfully turns the runner back to third, then she runs at the runner full and throws the ball to third. Try to get an out with as few throws as possible.

When an out is made or a runner reaches a base, the player with the ball sprints toward the runner between first and second, cutting her off from second getting her into a rundown.  Attempt again to get her out with as few throws as possible. The drill then moves back to a runner heading to home from third.

The players that were the defensive players now become the runners and the runners become the defensive players.  Add more stress by having the runner between first and second try to distract the player with the ball by advancing to second while she is working to get the runner between home and third out.

Be sure to use proper rundown procedures with the defensive players getting out of the base path once they throw the ball to prevent obstruction.  This drill is a great baserunning drill as well.

Softball Rundown Drill