Softball Relay Cut Drill

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This Softball Relay Cut Drill can be used to develop the skills of teams at every level from recreational play to college teams.  It is great for infield mechanics and outfield mechanics and of course the relay play to any base.

Softball Relay Cut Drill

Divide the team into 2 groups. One group lines up behind first-base. The other group lines up in deep right-center. Have a catcher at home plate so that they can practice catching the ball and being ready to tag a runner.  The coach hits hard grounders to the first player in line at first-base. She fields the ball and quickly makes a sharp throw to home-plate.  Then hit a deep fly ball or a grounder to the first in line at right-center. As this player sprints to catch the ball, the fielder that was at first-base sprints to a relay position for home-plate. The outfielder hits the now relay fielder who should be properly positioned to receive and relay the throw to home-plate.

To add to the drill where everyone is already in place, The Catcher at home can call for the relay player to either cut and throw to a base or let the ball go to home for the tag.  Add runners at second base who sprint for home on a ground ball and a runner at third for a race to home on a caught fly ball.

There are many situations that you can turn this simply relay drill into.  move the hits from the right to the left side of the outfield to get everyone some practice on the throwing home from their positions.

The cycle repeats as the infielder that was the relay joins the rear of the line of outfielders. The outfielder that caught and threw the ball to the relay then joins the rear of the line of infielders. This cycle should be repeated as to correctly get everyone to errorlessly field, catch, throw, and relay through an entire cycle.

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